HostArmada Customer Reviews

5 /5

Reviewer: GeorgeTsoukakis
Date: 14 January, 2021
Posted By GeorgeTsoukakis On 14 January, 2021

I highly recommend HostArmada
10/10 support
10/10 Kind
10/10 prices
10/10 satisfaction

They stated hosting company since 2019 but until now I see a lot of customers that are happy with their services
Like me that I want to start a small site like Cv-Articles I think the packages that offers to me are much better that any other hosting company !!

For a first beginning is the best for me until now!

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5 /5

Reviewer: Ravi Dixit
Date: 16 September, 2020
Posted By Ravi Dixit On 16 September, 2020

HostArmada team is really amazing, their support system is very fast and helpful. I have asked them to move 3 websites from another host and they took few minutes to move them that was really amazing.

Overall the experience is good hosting with them,

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5 /5

Reviewer: Ignat Ignatov
Date: 29 August, 2020
Posted By Ignat Ignatov On 29 August, 2020

Both of my websites took more than 10 seconds to load, which as we know nowadays is not good at all… I consulted with my ex-hosting providers and the only thing they could do was make me delete half of my plugins…. Then I decided to look for a new hosting provider and this is how I found HostArmada.

I'm not sure if I can describe how happy I am to have found them and trusted them, although the company has been on the market recently !!! First - their incredibly friendly team migrates both my sites absolutely for free. Since I've been with them, the loading speed is in the range of 1 - 3 seconds and the page traffic has increased by over 45% without doing anything else! Their servers are simply the best that can be found at the moment.

About the support team - we are already friends! Always ready to help, always well-meaning, and last but not least - always competent in solving problems.

Do not hesitate at all, but take advantage now while their prices are still low. Believe me, HostArmada will soon be a leading hosting company and the prices of their services will be deservedly different!
Thank you, HostArmada! You are simply The Best!!!

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5 /5

Reviewer: Jesus Rosillo
Date: 13 July, 2020
Posted By Jesus Rosillo On 13 July, 2020

I can't be more satisfied with these guys! They take care of my website transfer and setup, and everything was working exactly the same but FASTER!

The support was awesome, and the "speed reaper" plan is incredible! The best hosting I ever tried.

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5 /5

Reviewer: Alejandro Aruca
Date: 01 July, 2020
Posted By Alejandro Aruca On 01 July, 2020

It's a great opcion. Totally recommended.

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5 /5

Reviewer: Jorge
Date: 28 May, 2020
Posted By Jorge On 28 May, 2020

Well priced WordPress hosting with premium performance and excellent service.

  • (Optional) Website Hosted www.vitoka.com
5 /5

Reviewer: Rohit
Date: 01 March, 2020
Posted By Rohit On 01 March, 2020

Really Great experience with host armada, reliable and cost effective, phenomenal support.

  • (Optional) Website Hosted thebouncingant.com
5 /5

Reviewer: Cameron DeJong
Date: 01 February, 2020
Posted By Cameron DeJong On 01 February, 2020

I have gone through hosts like water over the past couple of years. I was looking for the right balance of server, security, price, support, and all of those other "nice to haves" with a web host. It was usually something with support or something that didn't quite fit (i.e. a staging site counting as one of your five sites....) that led me on a search.

Over the past two weeks I have switched one of my sites over to three different hosts. The first broke my site when moving it, the second handed me the keys to a bus that was in another garage (in other words, my databases were needing some sort of update that is out of my scope), and the third is HostArmada.

One of my "musts" is Litespeed. It is proven to be the best at what it does. Other companies use "Litespeed" in their marketing, only to find out you're hosted on an Apache server. For those who aren't tech inclined, Litespeed is light years ahead in so many ways.

HostArmada provided great pre-sales support and once I signed up they went the extra mile to make sure EVERYTHING was set up properly - from staging to CDN to making sure that the Litespeed plugin was set up properly on my sites. My sites have been running at breakneck speed (GTMetrix score of 98%, which is higher than any other provider I've used, including VPS providers) and uptime is looking great.

Other great features:
Firewall built-in
Up to date security for the server
Up to 21 days of backups automatically saved

You get a ton of bang for the buck. Sure, after three years the price goes up quite a bit, but it is still competitive with many similar solutions on the marketplace.

My recommendation is to skip the first two hosting packages and try out the Speed Reaper as it is the only of the three that is on a Litespeed server. Plus when you sign up at the introductory rate, you can lock it in for up to three years (which is what I did). Under $100 36 months of great hosting is an amazing value.

Thank you to the team at HostArmada for the great experience so far. In the unlikely event that things go wrong I'll be sure to update my review.

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4 /5

Reviewer: Elvis GD
Date: 17 January, 2020
Posted By Elvis GD On 17 January, 2020

Migre mi web sin problemas, el soporte técnico de primera y sobre todo a buen precio.

5 /5

Reviewer: Marnick
Date: 29 December, 2019
Posted By Marnick On 29 December, 2019

I just started using HostArmada because of a recommendation. The prices in combination with the server configuration and options are very attractive. I had a small issuee started up, so I started a chat and within 10 seconds I already got help from a suport team member. Less then 5 minutes later my issue was solved.

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