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  • Posted By: Arnry, 07 August, 2021

    I have had great service on all my setup and support requests. They have been done very quickly and with very little issue. Compared with other providers this has been by far the most helpful and efficient support staff I have dealt with.

    The following individuals have helped me with excellent service.
    Dimitar Karev
    Irina Chukwuma
    Todor Evtimov
    Denys Malenchuk

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  • Posted By: Mario, 03 August, 2021

    Denys Malenchuk was really helpful and straighforward to solve the problem I reported, in about 1 hour I had the problem solved and I could get back to work.

  • Posted By: Asma Tog, 01 August, 2021

    I was contacted by staff regarding ID privacy, the team was concise and very professional.
    You never wait more than a few minutes with these guys.
    Denys Malenchuk is as pragmatic as you wish your support to be!

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  • Posted By: mellinco, 31 July, 2021

    Of all the providers I've used, I'm moving everything to these guys & recommend them to anyone who asks.
    Fast Comet is the ideal option for everyone - from newbies to the experienced. As we have grown, they have been able to maintain the same high quality level of service experienced from the beginning.

    On a shared hosting account – which is one the more affordable end of their options [ + use of cloudflare ] – they are able to host a rather image heavy website designed exact to our client specifications ( and for the size / purpose of the site, it's more image and code heavy than most due to those specifications ) without any issues at all.

    They have a variety of well structured scalable solutions, an easy to navigate client area and someone is always available if you need help with just about anything. Nothing is confusing or illogical, everything is easily accessible & billing is clear and well structured.

    Staff are always patient, friendly and courteous – and you never have to wait long for a response from support; for a reply to a query or a resolution to an issue you ask them for help with. Denys M. always provides us with quick responses containing accurate and helpful information which 100% of the time solves our queries and issues.

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  • Posted By: Markus, 27 July, 2021

    Very good customer support 24/7!

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  • Posted By: Muneeb, 21 July, 2021

    Very fast and responsive support. Today, I needed some php ini changes on my account and Denys Malenchuk helped me resolve the issue quickly.

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  • Posted By: Pablo, 14 July, 2021

    Denys Malenchuk solved my request really fast. The FastComet service is amazing.

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  • Posted By: Lazer, 13 July, 2021

    Professional work, quick answer, perfect solutions.

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