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  • Posted By: Adriel, 08 May, 2019

    First off, good job to tech support team members, Denys Malenchuk and Rumen Atanasov.

    I just joined the FastComet family a little over a week ago.

    I now have the confidence with my web properties that this team behind FastComet gives me!

    Before I signed up, I searched and searched for a new hosting service. (more than half a dozen companies!)

    When I reach out for support via chat - before even signing up with FastComet - asking questions and concerns I had about migration and tech questions, I had typed a question.. someone chimed in within SECONDS!

    Kind of unbelievable from previous support chats with other hosting companies I've dealt with in the past.

    FastComet - Lightening speed support, professional and helpful bunch.

    Thank you FastComt for being so professional and helpful.



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  • Posted By: Arshad Malik, 06 May, 2019

    In support, Denys Malenchuk, helped me a lot in every way he could. He understands and can bear longer a nontech guy like me. His response time is fabulous. I am grateful to him.

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  • Posted By: Sergey, 23 April, 2019

    Before I decided to change my host, I did check a lot of different ones by reviews. And I found that Fastcomet had the best reviews, now I can tell why. The only problem with them was when they did transfer my suite, it was damaged a little bit, but they tried to fix it and find the issue as much as they could, and when I found the issue with my suite it got fixed very fast.

    I like their customer support very much, they always answer to you at any time with a very quick response.

    Also, it was very comfortable for me that I can buy a domain name straight from their site and much more features.

    In the end, I can say if they continue doing business like this, they will stay #1 on the market.
    Thank you Fastcomet :-)

  • Posted By: Deepak, 15 April, 2019

    I would like to name Denys Malenchuk for his extremely quick response. He did in few minutes what other hosting support team would take 24-48 hours! Kudos team!

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  • Posted By: James, 11 April, 2019

    We needed some help with both migration from another host and domain transfers and FastComet were incredibly quick to respond. I've used them both for my personal sites as well as sending clients to them and everyone has been happy!

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  • Posted By: Daniel, 09 April, 2019

    Fast and effective dealing with every our question

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  • Posted By: Jon, 01 April, 2019

    I've enjoyed being a customer of FastComet, as they are extremely quick to respond to my inquiries. They are knowledgable, professional, and efficient in helping me with my online needs.

    Keep up the good work!

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