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  • Posted By: Sofia Grant, 09 June, 2021

    I came to chemicloud which was highly recommended by a fellow web designer and now I can see why. Everywhere else I faced different issues like poor server performance, bad customer support or limitations in the hosting package however chemicloud has been reliable and better yet, reasonably priced. The support was great as i frequently had questions about changing server settings like php.ini and the support was on point.

  • Posted By: Gina Simone, 31 March, 2021

    Having to use several other hosting services i have to say I will be migrating all of my domains from other hosting companies to ChemiCloud, very satisfied with the service, product offering and performance!!

  • Posted By: Allen King, 02 March, 2021

    I recently purchased a new domain with the intent to set up a simple Wordpress site for my work. However, I couldn't figure out how to do it. The support person who took my request helped me through it all :). I just want to give her a huge thank you and I wanted to pass that on to you as well.

  • Posted By: Kerry Bronson, 10 February, 2021

    I switched from another provider because of constant downtime issues. I highly recommend anyone to use Chemicloud for hosting. You won't be left disappointed, significant change from our previous hosting. Fast and with great email allowances, and help when you need it.

  • Posted By: Jarid Husein, 22 December, 2020

    I am always satisfied with the technical support from chemi, they always have the answer for me and solved many of my problems when i initially switched, very quickly. Quality service and helpful staff, so glad I chose you to host my site. Thankful for the good work you put in for your clients and the admirable speed of all your services.

  • Posted By: Graham Page, 14 December, 2020

    ChemiCloud is definitely a very reasonable and affordable web hosting provider which I have been using for the past 1+ years.

    I love how affordable their plans are, and the reliability thus far. Their customer service is quite responsive and with a good knowledge base considering how I had to wait long hours at my previous hosting where numerous mistakes were made when trying to guide me on something or resolve a problem (after experiencing that you really start to appreciate the good service).

    I have referred chemicloud to friends and many of my colleagues and will suggest to anyone who is looking for an affordable and feature rich web hosting provider that also works with a fast customer service team.

  • Posted By: Anika Philips, 09 December, 2020

    My overall experience with ChemiCloud is very good. Technical support staff is very efficient. They're fast at resolving things and the sales staff also helped me when I wanted to shift my WordPress site from my Windows host to their cPanel hosting. Thanks!

  • Posted By: Ronni Zag, 08 January, 2020

    Source: FaceBook

    Actually i started with one domain transfered on this hosting and then i added all my domains there. After seeing first awesome response ( and how crazy fast on customer support ) i had no hesitation. My websites are of course a lot faster than my previous hosting provider that was having stuck domains that was limiting my bandwidth. Not the case with Chemicloud! the control panel and everything works so great! I love it 🙂

  • Posted By: Giorgio Barillà, 07 January, 2020

    Source: FaceBook

    they're simply outstanding. They are a bit pricey when compared to other shared hosting providers, but their support is priceless. They helped me every step of the way every day of the week, and I'm migrating all my clients to them. I'm glad to pay a bit more to experience this level of company support.

  • Posted By: Jeremy Lynn, 07 January, 2020

    The best thing I think is the speed. My previous hosting provider cost a lot more and didn't provide anywhere near the level of support that chemicloud does.

    Especially I like the periodic welcome email series with learning materials, tips and tricks etc.. Support is on a good level and is responding fast. Overall, I can say that I am satisfied. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

  • Posted By: Rick Stockton, 24 November, 2017

    Source: FaceBook

    Not merely excellent - truly outstanding. "Phone support" consists of an expert answering the phone before the 3rd ring - and solving the problem on that call (no queues, no hand-offs, no waiting on "tickets"). Prices are the best in the industry.

    My low-cost "shared server" contract allows me to run 5 'Add-On' sites , and the ChemiCloud guys have created a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate pair for ALL OF THEM- and they will renew, automatically.

    I didn't even need ask them, they *KNOW* that all decent Browsers and search engines are starting to prefer "verified" SSL site.

    Prices are great, and they don't waste my time with repeated "upselling" chatter about expensive products I don't want: Microsoft Exchange, expensive "corporate" SSL, and etc.

    ChemiCloud is the best hosting provider I have ever used - and I have used a lot. (My first web presence was a matching pair of 'gopher' and 'html' fie server sites, created in 1992 on behalf of my employer at that time.)

  • Posted By: Dimitrios ChCh, 13 November, 2017

    Source: FaceBook

    I have never been more satisfied with any hosting provider in my life. It is a rule to keep the email accounts separate from the domains hosting but with the chemicloud team's knowledge and willingness to help, I just switched everything back to them. One month with them and I never had any issues or downtimes and honestly their support tickets are effective and fast like the online chatting. 5 STARS!

  • Posted By: Osama Khan, 17 May, 2017

    Source: FaceBook

    Amazing Services with super fast chat support 🙂

  • Posted By: Tushar Jain, 10 May, 2017

    Source: FaceBook

    Great Service and Support. Atleast once give them a try. They are Much better then Bluehost and Godaddy.

    5 stars

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