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Posted By Barney Arcola on Feb 05, 2022
Aside from the outsourced support Bluehost is on par with every other hosting company.
Posted By Jonathan Lerma
8 years working in web development. Men, bluehost is by far the worst hosting service provider. Bad tech support, meaning like you can’t add pics, supporters can barely solve anything, and the hosting… Ticket #38503066 has been active without a solution for more than 48 hs!
Posted By Ed Benjamin
I have received superior WEB hosting from Bluehost for a number of years. They are very responsive to my questions and provide great hosting . If you happen to be looking for an Internet hosting company, try them.
Posted By haytham
Bluehost is the worst web hosting platform, my client has an account on bluehost and requested to deploy his web application on it. very slow and sucks! I recommend hostinger for shared and vps servers..

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