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  • Posted By: Võ Bá Kiệt, 07 September, 2018

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    Best support team ever, High recommend

  • Posted By: Ozgur Sar, 07 September, 2018

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    I hosted two of my customers’ sites with A2 and I can say that their servers are fast and dependable. Customer service is great! Totally recommended!

  • Posted By: Tammy Mays Adams, 07 September, 2018

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    Great service with customer service. Always helpful and no downtimes.

  • Posted By: Tim Crosby, 07 September, 2018

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    I've used all the best-known hosts in the past 20 years. A2 is, by far, the best in terms of value, ease-of-use and dependability. And I selfishly hope this doesn't encourage anyone to use them. Right now, they're about perfect.

    It's kind of like living in Iowa: You cringe a bit when you hear the jokes but hope no one finds out the truth and moves here. 😉

  • Posted By: Rachel Schroath, 07 September, 2018

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    A2 Hosting is my go-to service for hosting multiple websites. My husband and I both use it and appreciate quick responses to questions or requests and great quality hosting.

  • Posted By: Sal Salerno, 07 September, 2018

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    A2 hosting does our OTC website. Their prices are very reasonable and are a good economical option. Their services are excellent.

  • Posted By: Maan Deswal, 07 September, 2018

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    After using more than 2 months, I would points out few things from perspective of a End User and Front end Developer.

    1) Speed - Turbo server is Blazing fast, Loving it after migrating from slow iPage.
    2) Features - HTTP2 / SSD / SSL / Cloud Flare / Memcached / A2 Optimized are few which won my heart.
    3) Up Time - Well didn't face and downtime yet.
    4) Magento & WordPress run smoothly
    5) C Panel is user friendly

    1) Guru Crew Support, not really happy lacking in basic knowledge and takes more time in solving small issues.
    2) Costing, more expensive then competitor, but worth if speed is good. That's where they win.
    Overall, I am happy with everything except your Guru Support, I am a Front end Developer so can tolerate them but a layman can't.

  • Posted By: Yusuf Hakim, 07 September, 2018

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    Brilliant service, brilliant customer care and that’s what separates them apart!

  • Posted By: John Nicholson, 07 September, 2018

    Source: FaceBook

    Outstanding service. Better uptime than the bigger names. The support team is the best (even though the problem was my fault)

  • Posted By: Maggie Cameron, 07 September, 2018

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    I recommend A2 Hosting because of the stability and speed of the servers and the high degree of technical knowledge of the support staff.

  • Posted By: Darrell Jordan, 07 September, 2018

    Source: FaceBook

    I recently moved several clients over to A2 and the ease of moving was fantastic. Also, any support issues I had were resolved quickly by the support team. But the kicker is when one of the clients told me that they noticed a difference in loading speed once I moved their site. That was information I needed to know that I made the right decision.

  • Posted By: Wardhan Wardhan, 07 September, 2018

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    🙌 Very helpful support and 25x8 (not 24x7) and adjusting to customers need. I am happy to host my business and support I get from them, even though I am not able to attend maintenance of my sites.

  • Posted By: Sherm Stevens, 07 September, 2018

    Source: FaceBook

    Our agency has used A2 Hosting for close to 7 years, for managed VPS and managed dedicated servers. Their reliability for uptime is stellar. Their tech support is available 24/7/365, they are based in the USA and speak ENGLISH as a first language, and are extremely responsive.

  • Posted By: Rastislav Krähenbil, 07 September, 2018

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    Hosting works well. The support is excellent. Always managed to solve the problem very quickly.

  • Posted By: Tanya Geritsidou, 07 September, 2018

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    Good and reliable hosting, good support.

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