GreenGeeks Overview

Updated: June, 2021

With our future survival constantly threatened by global warming and other effects of pollution, it is important to preserve our environment as much as we can, including the web hosting choices we make.

Most of the web hosting providers worldwide use servers powered by fossil fuels. Keep in mind that a single server is capable of producing over 1,300 pounds of carbon dioxide every year!

The good news is that you can play your part in conservation by hosting your sites on GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks returns 3 times the wind power they use which is around 600,000 kilowatt-hours each year. The web host has indeed set a fine example of using wind energy for environmental sustainability.

So, besides the impressive positive carbon footprint, is GreenGeeks a reliable web hosting provider?

In this GreenGeek review, we look at some of the key features and benefits offered by the web host to help you make an informed choice before you sign up for one of their hosting packages.


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$2.49 / Mo
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GreenGeeks Pros

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Low entry price for new customers.
  • WordPress installer toolkit
  • WordPress repair toolkit
  • cPanel Control Panel

GreenGeeks Cons

  • No Asia datacenter location
  • Setup fee on monthly billing cycles
  • Sightly more expensive renewal pricing than other hosting providers

Shared Hosting Review

Best for: Low Traffic Personal & Small-Medium Sized Business Websites

GreenGeeks Hosting Plans
Product Multiple Sites Disk Storage RAM CPU (Cores) Free Migration Price
Lite 50 GB SSD 1 GB 2 $2.49/mo View
Pro Unlimited SSD 2 GB 3 $4.95/mo View
Premium Unlimited SSD 3 GB 4 $8.95/mo View
Shared Hosting Overview

On the face of it, GreenGeeks provides a standard set of shared hosting packages which should simplify the process of selecting the right package within your feature requirements adn budget. If you are looking to get a single website online the entry-level Lite plan will allow you to do so at an extremely competitive price of just $2.49/mo. The GreenGeeks mid-tier and high-tier plans, Pro and Premium respectively, both features unlimited websites, unlimited disk storage and more resources.

WordPress Tools for Beginners

You have to appreciate a host which invests their profits into making their customers lives easier. Thankfully, GreenGeeks is one of those hosts who has invested significantly into ensuring their customers get the smoothest experience possible, especially when it comes to the WordPress scene.

To start, GreenGeeks recently introduced a Quick Launch Wizard which makes installing WordPress as easy as a few clicks, including with a theme installer! In fact, it is so easy to get started with GreenGeeks we featured them as the primary host for our how to make a website guide.

More recently, GreenGeeks introduced a new WordPress Repair Tool which they claim can resolve up to 90% of the most common issues their customers have reported to them. Not bad!

Daily Nightly Backups

Another great thing about GreenGeeks is that they perform their disaster recovery backups every single night. This is a great service that ensures that you never lose your important files when disaster strikes.

The service is provided free of charge for all shared, reseller, and VPS hosting customers. You actually get one free restoration every month but keep other additional restores come with a small fee.

cPanel Control Panel

Since cPanel announced a significant price increase many web hosting providers have started to make the move to DirectAdmin, Plesk or custom control panels. GreenGeeks however remains on cPanel which while significantly more expensive, it is the industry standard.

By sticking with cPanel, you're almost guaranteed a similiar control panel experience if you are migrated from another hosting provider.

Hands-Free Migration Assistance

If you are migrating from another web hosting provider then GreenGeeks is a great choice for you. By signing up, you can benefit from a completely free, hands-off migration. Requesting a free migration is as simple as filling in a short form with your original hosting accounts login details and GreenGeeks will take care of the rest.

Unlimited Storage Policy

Generously, all GreenGeeks plans also come with unlimited storage and data transfer. Which is an excellent addition for those wanting to upload a lot of media or data to their website. That being said, as your site is one of many being hosted across the server, your usage will still be monitored and can be capped if you over-utilize resources.

When considering a web hosting provider offering unlimited storage, it is always worth checking the Terms and Conditions surrounding the unlimited allocation. After all, there is no such thing as an unlimited hard drive.

With GreenGeeks specifically, their Terms and Conditions cites Fair Usage as well as restricting certain website uses cases. Primarily, you can't use your unlimited GB hosting account to store backups and other unnecessary files. A common restriction among unlimited hosting providers so nothing new there.

Managed VPS Hosting Review

Best for: Sites which has outgrown the shared environment

Hosting Plans
Product Managed Control Panel Disk Space RAM CPU Bandwidth Price
2 GB cPanel 50 GB 2 GB 4 vCPUs 10 TB $39.95/mo View
4 GB cPanel 75 GB 4 GB 4 vCPUs 10 TB $59.95/mo View
8 GB cPanel 150 GB 8 GB 6 vCPUs 10 TB $109.95/mo View
Managed VPS Hosting Overview

GreenGeeks provides all the typical features you would expect from a Fully Managed VPS Hosting provider, and more. For starters, unlike most managed VPS providers, you will have full root access. This means you will have the ability to configure the server to meet your exact requirements without needing to contact support.

For those of you not familiar with managing your own server don't worry, each VPS is fully managed enabling you to leverage the full experience and knowledge from the GreenGeeks server administrators. They will configure your server and tune it for performance as well as maintain it ensuring the necessary updates are applied.

From within the client area dashboard, you will have the ability to perform certain actions as you see fit. For example, starting, stopping, rebooting and reinstalling your VPS server can all be done with just a couple clicks.

3rd Party Applications

With full root access you are able to install anything you need, or like on the VPS Server. With that though, you should be mindful of the fact GreenGeeks does not have to support you even if the server is fully managed.

In other words, if you install anything on the server which GreenGeeks did not put there then any issues around that 3rd party application will be your responsibility to maintain. It would also be your responsibility to resolve any issues that 3rd party software may introduce.

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GreenGeeks Top Features

GreenGeeks Server Performance

Average Review Score

If you are an online marketer or blogger, you understand the importance of page loading speed. Page loading time can make the difference between retaining visitors on your site and having them leave to your competitor’s site.

Page load speed can also make a huge difference in the customer’s journey. A slow website often suffers from abandoned carts. Statistics show that there’s a 32% chance of website’s bounce rate increase if the site takes 3 seconds to load.

Page load time is therefore one of the key factors to consider in a web hosting company. Fortunately, GreenGeeks does not disappoint when it comes to page loading speed. At a speed of 487ms, GreenGeeks has better than the average industry speed. They also have consistent loading times throughout the year.

Q1 2021 Server Performance:

Q1 Average Uptime
Q1 Average Response Time
Q1 Total Downtime
13 Minutes
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Customer Support Review

The last thing you need after launching your website is to run into a technical or billing problem only to find that your host is nowhere to be found when you need them most.

Every website owner, regardless of your experience or technical know-how, occasionally needs a helping hand from their web host.

So, what kind of support options does GreenGeeks provide?

Well, for a start, we were glad to find that they have a working Live Chat function on their website where you can quickly access one of their customer representatives when you have a question and get a quick response. GreenGeeks also provides telephone support via the number 1-877-326-7483 or 1-310-496-8946.

In a hurry and just want to get your issue to their attention while you get on with your day? Well as with most hosting providers, you can contact the GreenGeeks support team via email or by using the ticketing functionality within the client area.

Emails are answered after a waiting period of approximately 5 to 15 minute, 24/7/365.

The official GreenGeeks website also provides a dedicated knowledgebase page with different categories such as cPanel, domains, emails, and much more.

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GreenGeeks Discounts & Coupons

Save Up To 77% On Shared Hosting Packages

You can save up to 77% off on all GreenGeeks shared hosting packages. With prices starting as low as $2.49/mo you can get your website online quickly and easily for less than a cup of coffee.

Save Up To 34% On Reseller Packages

Launch your own web hosting company today for as low as $19.95/mo by saving up to 34% on the GreenGeeks reseller hosting packages.

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