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  • Posted By: Malik, 14 May, 2021

    Satisfied reseller customer here. the Greengeeks reseller hosting plans come with additional features not mentioned on their website such as a free billing system which was a nice surprise (and saved me $15-16/mo).

    They are a bit more expensive on the renewal side vs some of their competitors but aside from that, everything is good.

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  • Posted By: Kelly Herman, 03 May, 2021

    GreenGeeks Host is just getting better and better. I've started to see new tools and features being introduced so they are clearly using our payments to better the service and making our lives easier.

    My GreenGeeks wish: Add Singapore as a server location! Once you do, it won't make sense to go with any other provider :).

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  • Posted By: Timothy Gardner, 27 April, 2021

    Very reliable hosting provider with reasonable pricing. I don't feel like GreenGeeks is gouging me for money with no addons and upsells, just simple straight forward hosting that works.

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  • Posted By: Brian Matthews, 29 March, 2021

    I've been hosting with GreenGeeks for many years now. My last review of them was years ago on another review site which was also for 5/5. Many years later I'm still with them, still giving them a 5/5!

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  • Posted By: Adam, 20 March, 2021

    GG has a nice formula of everything just works. I pay my bill and know that I can sleep well at night as they have everything covered.

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  • Posted By: Don K., 29 December, 2020

    I signed up 3 years ago under a really great price. Service has been pretty standard in that time with OK support, OK performance (just your average hosting experience really, nothing special). Problem is, my renewal invoice came in and it is 4x the initial price!

    Sadly this has put me back on the new web host hunt....

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Hostimony's 2021 Expert Review

Our Expert Review

GreenGeeks is a pretty standard hosting company, founded in 2008 with servers located in Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, and Amsterdam, offering services ranging from Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. In these regions, GreenGeeks currently hosts websites for over 40,000 customers.

GreenGeeks has two things going for them. The first, as you might have guessed, is their commitment to the environment. Datacenters are serious contributors to global emissions, and GreenGeeks has committed themselves to offset their usage by three times in the form of renewable energy.

If you are looking for a hosting provider that not only cares for the environment but has it in their DNA, GreenGeeks is one of the few companies we can recommend.

Ok, their environmental efforts are great but how do they perform when it comes to actual hosting?

GreenGeeks Pros and Cons

We are always looking for key pros and cons during our thorough testing process. After all, no web hosting company is perfect. Here are the key pros and cons we found on GreenGeeks:

Types of Hosting

GreenGeeks offers a variety of services featuring Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting. Surprisingly, they do not offer Dedicated Server Hosting, which is something I’d expect to see from a company of their size.

They also offer WordPress Hosting though this is just a marketing landing page and is a replica of their Shared Hosting platform, so we won’t reference any specific ‘WordPress Hosting’ plan from them in this review.

Shared Hosting Plans

The GreenGeeks Shared Hosting platform has 3 packages — Lite, Pro, and Premium. The first two (Lite and Pro) only have one key difference, and that is the number of websites you can host, with Lite offering 1 website and Pro offering unlimited websites. The Premium plan also features unlimited hosted websites and a free Dedicated IP address. They also reference ‘4x Performance’ which is most likely additional CPU or RAM allocations. Still, they are not very specific, and until we actually know what it is, we can’t say if it is good value.

If you are starting a new website and are only planning to host one, we recommend Lite. If you have multiple websites, then Pro would most likely be the best fit for you. Not knowing what Premium has actually to offer, we can’t recommend it though if your website is running out of resources, we’d recommend contacting GreenGeeks to see if this plan would be a good fit for you.

  Lite Pro Premium
Initial Price $2.49 $4.95 $8.95
Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Type SSD SSD SSD
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Other Features • 4x Resources
• Free Dedicated IP

A huge benefit to GreenGeek’s is the fact they use LiteSpeed across all of their plans. At other hosting companies such as A2 Hosting, LiteSpeed is limited to higher-end plans or is not offered at all, which is a shame. LiteSpeed is significantly faster than your standard Apache Web Server, reduces your resource usage, and makes your website blazing fast when coupled with their LSCache for WordPress.

Reseller Hosting Plans

If you are an agency or are looking to start your own web hosting company, then the GreenGeeks reseller packages are worth a look. With high resource allocations at cost-effective price points even with the cPanel price increase!

We are pleased to say GreenGeeks offers a free Clientexec license or a free WHMCS license giving you the choice of which billing platform you’re looking for (for which we recommend Clientexec given their upcoming version 7 and a potential upcoming WHMCS price increase).

The plans themselves do not offer any real difference in terms of added features or performance, so it comes down to how many websites you want to host, your storage consumption, and bandwidth consumption.

  RH-25 RH-50 RH-75
Pricing $19.95 $24.95 $34.95
Control Panel cPanel / WHM cPanel / WHM cPanel / WHM
Control Panel Accounts 25 50 80
Storage 60 GB 80 GB 160 GB
Storage Type SSD SSD SSD
Bandwidth 600 GB 800 GB 1600 GB
Free Billing Softwre Clientexec / WHMCS Clientexec / WHMCS Clientexec / WHMCS

VPS Hosting

  2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Pricing $39.95 $59.95 $109.95
RAM / Memory 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
CPU Cores 4 vCPU 4 vCPU 6 vCPU
Storage 50 GB 75 GB 150 GB
Storage Type SSD SSD SSD
Bandwidth 10 TB 10 TB 10 TB
Control Panel cPanel / WHM cPanel / WHM cPanel / WHM
Control Panel Accounts
Fully Managed Yes Yes Yes
Other Features • Free Softaculous License • Free Softaculous License • Free Softaculous License

GreenGeeks Pricing

GreenGeeks is one of the more competitive web hosting providers with a starting price of just $2.95/mo. A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee backs every plan so you can try GreenGeeks without any risk.

Shared Hosting Pricing

  • Lite – Starting at $2.49/mo, renews at $10.95/mo
  • Pro – Starting at $4.95/mo, renews at $15.95/mo
  • Premium – Starting at $8.95/mo, renews at $25.95/mo

Reseller Hosting Pricing

  • RH-25 – Starting at $19.95/mo, renews at $29.95/mo
  • RH-50 – Starting at $24.95/mo, renews at $39.95/mo
  • RH-80 – Starting at $34.95/mo, renews at $59.95/mo

VPS Hosting Pricing

  • 2 GB – Starting & Renewal Pricing: $39.95/mo
  • 4 GB – Starting & Renewal Pricing: $59.95/mo
  • 8 GB – Starting & Renewal Pricing: $109.95/mo

GreenGeeks Security

Security should always be on your mind when choosing a web hosting provider. In terms of GreenGeeks, they have you covered with:

  • Free SSL Certificates – All free SSL Certificates are issued by Lets Encrypt. These are free certificates that last 90 days. While they have a short life, they are automatically renewed and you won’t even notice it happening (which is exactly how you want it).
  • Automated Software Updates – As software vendors such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal release new updates, GreenGeeks can update your application for you automatically. This is important as it helps protect against security vulnerabilities. It is one less thing you have to worry about!

GreenGeeks generates daily backups for all Shared and Reseller Hosting accounts though unlike most competitors, you cannot restore your files or databases yourself. Instead, you need to contact GreenGeeks. You are eligible for one free restoration per month though if you need additional restores, it would cost you $25 per request. To make things worse on this front, VPS servers are not backed up at all!

As with most hosting providers these days, they do provide a basic level of protection against spam. More importantly, they also monitor their server for malware so at least those are included.

Signing up with GreenGeeks

The signup process is among the best we have experienced. The entire flow takes minutes, is clean, and does not preselect any addons that you might not need nor want. Huge props to GreenGeeks for that!

Their order flow is a two step process:

Step 1 – Domain Name

The first step is to choose your domain name. If you already have a domain registered somewhere else and would like to update your nameservers to point to GreenGeek’s servers, enter your domain in the second box ( You’ll then be presented with the next step (See Step 2 – Checkout below).

However, if you would like to register a domain name alongside your web hosting package, enter your desired name in the left box, and from the drop-down menu select your preferred domain extension. If the domain is not available, a red error will appear, stating so and prompting you to try another domain name.

Step 2 – Checkout

This is the second (and final) step before your web hosting account will be created on their servers and amazingly, they make it extremely simple.

In the first section, called Account Information, enter your personal information such as your name, address, email address, and so on.

Under Package Information, you’re able to choose your billing cycle as well as your preferred server region.

Finally, you have Payment Information which they currently only offer Credit / Debit card.

And that is it! No preselected addons (No addons at all for that matter), no confusing boxes, just a clean and simple order flow.

Post Order

After you have signed up to GreenGeeks you will receive a welcome email which will contain various information relevant to your hosting account. For example, it will contain your control panel username, password, URL, and nameservers that you’ll need to point your domain to.

Migrating to GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks adopts a policy of making everything easy and can be said for their website migration service. Anyone wanting to switch from another hosting provider can request a free site migration right within the client area after ordering.

After GreenGeeks has taken care of your migration for you, the only thing you would need to do is update your domain’s nameservers to point to the ones they provide you with.

GreenGeeks Customer Support

Customer Support is where GreenGeeks really shines. They don’t have the extensive channel list their top competitors have, such as 24/7 phone support, with the primary support channel for GreenGeeks being support tickets.

We can accept that given the quality of the responses to the tickets we received and the responses, which were typically within 15 minutes.

The support channels currently available at GreenGeeks are:

  • Live Chat – 24/7
  • Phone Support – 9AM – 12AM EST
  • Email / Tickets – 24/7 with an average response time of 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Knowledge Base

With that sort of response time (and typically resolution time), we can live with the fact phone support isn’t 24/7. Coupled with 24/7 live chat should you need it, you can’t go wrong with GreenGeeks support when you need it.

GreenGeeks Other Products

What else does GreenGeeks have to offer? While they are primarily a web hosting provider, they offer numerous other products, services, or addons that you can typically see after your initial order (they like to keep the initial order process as quick and easy as possible).

Domain Registrations

Domain Registrations is one of the available services during the order flow, as is to be expected. The typical price of domain registrations is $10 – $15 per year. On the downside, GreenGeeks only offers a few domain extensions, whereas most web hosting providers are now offering hundreds of domain extensions.

If you need a domain name that isn’t your typical com, net, org, info, biz or eu then you’ll need to find another domain registrar.

Final Verdict – Do we recommend GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks seems to have a lot of pros going for them — simple order flow, fast support, multiple support channels, free no-fuss website migrations.

If you do not need 24/7 phone support and are happy to converse with their team over tickets, want your website to be ‘green’ then GreenGeeks could be the best fit for you.

GreenGeeks 4.5

Based on 6 reviews

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GreenGeeks, 3411 Silverside Rd., Tatnall Building #104, Wilmington, DE 19810 USA

GreenGeeks provides cheap web hosting services such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS Hosting. Founded in 2008, GreenGeeks currently powers hundreds of thousands of websites for customers across the globe.

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