Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting: Which Should You Use?

When you launch a new website you need to take a few things into consideration, your domain name, your website platform (such as WordPress), the hosting provider and the hosting environment. In this article, we’ll focus on two hosting environments – Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting to help you find the best fit for your website.

Three of the more common choices for a new website are Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Fully Managed WordPress Hosting. Shared Hosting is your entry-level budget plan where you’re essentially renting space on a server which would be shared among many other clients.

WordPress Hosting in most cases is exactly the same thing though marketing buzzwords would have you believe differently. You can check this by comparing your providers Shared Hosting plans with their WordPress Hosting packages and what you should find is identical packages with a WordPress Hosting name on it.

The third choice, Managed WordPress Hosting comes in many different shapes and sizes and has a different meaning to each web hosting provider. For example, at certain providers a Managed WordPress package would just mean installing WordPress for you (which you can do at any entry-level Shared package), on the other end, Managed WordPress Hosting could mean all you can eat support from installing themes, troubleshooting plugin issues and more.

Shared Hosting Explained

In short, when you purchase a budget web hosting plan you are renting space on the web hosting providers servers. This server is shared among many other clients (in some cases up to thousands of other clients). Your allocation on that server is what serves your website and makes it accessible for people to visit.

A web hosting package in this product type would typically cost you anywhere from $2 – 3 for a single website up to $25 per month for unlimited websites, depending on the provider as well as the features offered within the hosting plan.

While you are sharing the server with many other clients, most reputable web hosting providers would have security measures in place to prevent you from being able to access other peoples websites files (and prevent them from accessing yours). One of the more common solutions deployed throughout the industry comes from Cloudlinux.

WordPress Hosting Explained

WordPress Hosting might sound better to you if you’re planning to run a website running on WordPress but don’t be fooled, WordPress Hosting 9 times out of 10 is exactly the same as Shared Hosting described above.

If you are in doubt about a shared hosting plan and a WordPress Hosting plan we recommend comparing the two to see if there are any differences, chances are they will be identical. Alternatively, contact the the web hosting company and ask them what the differences are.

Fully Managed WordPress Explained

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting was once reserved for those offering actually Fully Managed WordPress Hosting. Have a plugin issue? The host will jump in and investigate what is causing it, no biggie.

However, over the years the term has been abused and has largely become another marketing buzzword for web hosting providers. Thanks to this, the definition of Fully Managed varies greatly from provider to provider.

On one side, a Fully Managed plan could consist of installing WordPress for you and that is it (We know.. that isn’t very ‘Managed’). On the other end, you can have more premium providers which still provides that hand-holding support covering everything you might need, when you need it.

In many cases, a Managed WordPress Hosting plan will see your website be hosted on a server which has been optimized for the needs of a WordPress website and does not necessarily have to equal to a shared hosting environment (though it commonly is). We have seen hosts offer Managed Hosting using a VPS environments and Dedicated Server environments though with that, you can expect a significant increase in pricing.

Which Plan Type is Best For You?

In this section we’ll be comparing regular Shared Hosting and Fully Managed WordPress Hosting. If you are looking for regular ol’ WordPress Hosting then the Shared Hosting comparison is for you.

Both environments are viable options for which can make it difficult to choose the right one.

If you are just launching your website and are on a budget Shared Hosting is most likely your best choice. For as little as a few dollars you can have a fully fledged website up and running within minutes.

If budget is less of a concern and you’re after the best support money can buy, consider a premium Fully Managed WordPress Hosting plan. If choosing a managed hosting plan, we recommend contacting each provider to ask them what exactly is included in the plan, and how they define managed hosting. This way, you should be able to grasp if you’ll be overpaying for a regular hosting plan or if they are worth the additional dollars.